Team Phoenix Basketball

Team Phoenix Basketball program (NCBA) started in 2000. We specialize in developing student-athletes and getting them to the next level. Our mission is to develop the entire student-athlete to better prepare them for college both academically and athletically.

At Team Phoenix ,we offer extensive on Court Basketball training year round. Our student-athletes have the option of playing on one of our developmental teams or one of our national travel teams. These options are chosen depending on the student-athletes need. We not only get student-athletes prepared athletically but we work with the parents and schools to make sure that they have the test scores needed to accept a collegiate athletic scholarship.Team Phoenix offers a 20-25 game schedule against some of the top travel team programs in the country, all along the east coast.

The goal of our program is to get our student-athletes to college. Everyone may not be able to play at the division 1 level, but our goal is to find a place for our student-athletes to get a college education to help prepare them for life after basketball. We are here to assist because we realize that colleges fully recognize the true value of a Basketball player that is prepared to be successful right away. When you depart our program, you will have the game experience needed to compete against the best players in the country. We are here to help parents realize that after the Phoenix experience, their sons/daughters will be better acclimated to the college life style. With the combinations of the work we do on and off the court , this will lay a strong foundation for success at the next level. Our fee structure was set with the entire family in mind. It's simple: We offer more for less. Team Phoenix offers a world of diversity. We have coached players from all over the world (Denmark, Africa, Russia, Lithuania, Croatia, France, Finland, Australia). So we understand diversity, and we embrace the opportunity to learn from different cultures.